1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

"Final Edition" model - one of 1560 made

An American Classic

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There were only 1,560 "final edition" models produced in 1991. Based on estimates I've received, there were only 27 of these vehicles made in this stunning "Spinnaker Blue Metallic" paint color (a custom order) in 1991.

The Grand Wagoneer was produced between 1963 and 1991, with only a few minor mechanical changes during it's 28 years of production. It is credited as being the first true luxury 4x4 which created the category of vehicles that we know of today as the SUV ("sports-utility vehicle").

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer has become highly sought-after by collectors, and is particularly popular in the retail/fashion industry for use in advertisements. It's rugged lines, forward-leaning stance, and wood grain paneling ("woodie") makes it fit very well with "preppy" or classic American theme.

This vehicle has appeared in a number of catalogues, music videos, fashion videos, special events, and has been featured in local newspapers, and won several trophies at local car shows and swap meets.

A sample list of clients include:

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